Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

The TNI-AU would still like to Thank Grant F-16

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F-16 c Block 32

, JAKARTA -Related bid Government United States (US) grant to F-16 fighter aircraft, the TNI AU and the Government wants to take it. However, the HOUSE tend to buy the new F-16 aircraft are more sophisticated."Desired TNI AU and the Government is that we received a grant of 30 F-16 aircraft from the us.

Later, 24 aircraft will be upgraded to the block 32 and six more to spare, "said AIR MARSHALS, Marshal Priest Sufaat, Monday (3/10) in a press conference at the Cilangkap ARMED FORCES Headquarters in Jakarta.The priest says, in a last meeting with the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES and the Government has not yet reached the agreed. The meeting discussed the development of plans to grant the former F-16 aircraft from the US Government had been held on 21 last September.

According to the priest, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, upgraded to block 52 (as proposed by the PARLIAMENT) will cost is very high. For it is a better choice is to do the upgrade F-16 grants to block 32.In terms of cost, the priest lays out, the price of one squadron of F-16 block 52 reaches approximately 1.6 billion US dollars. While the price of six similar aircraft offered Lockheed Martin of 720 million dollars. "Whereas the budget provided only 430 million US dollar" , "said AIR MARSHALS.

According to the Vice-Chairman of the Commission I of the HOUSE, Tubagus Hasanuddin, in an internal meeting of faction faction in the House-it was concluded, in the short term strategic plan, beginning in the 2011 BUDGET, the Ministry of Defense with the approval of the Commission I HOUSE program an purchase six F-16 fighter aircraft.Budget allocated 430 million US dollars.

The reason for the presence of fighters that could be the effect of trepidation and power enough to replace tangkal F-16.In contrast, the Commander of TNI Agus Suhartono Admiral spoke of TNI AU is initial plan to buy six new aircraft, the F-16. However, since there is an offer from the US Government, the TNI AU thinks it's good the budget provided in particular to improve the aircraft block grants to 32.


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