Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

PT in the Prepare of production and marketing of Seaplane

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Seastar seaplane to be created with the license of PT Dornier, Germany (photo: Airpigz)

PT In Production Amphibious Aircraft

BANDUNG, (PR)-PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) will produce amphibious aircraft through cooperation under license with Dornier Seawings aircraft company of Germany.

"Currently, PT in preparing production and customer support for post-sale service support. And, the seaplane would start marketed by 2012, "said the Director of technology and the development of the PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Andi Alisyahbana in Bandung yesterday.

His seaplane has a potential of economical and suitable to the conditions of Indonesia that 62% concentration and the economy and for the community is on the shores of the sea, lakes, and rivers. In addition, 70% of the national territory is water.

"So, whatever the vehicle that could have the capability of water base transportation will have enormous economic potential," he said.

Market use of amphibious aircraft. His Regent was normally difficult to reach the corners and takes up to 2-3 days to reach the area with aircraft that later they only takes less than an hour.

Andi was able to speak the seaplanes landed on land and in water so that it could be a solution to Indonesia is an archipelago. His opinion, when you create the runway the aircraft and the airport's cost is very expensive and extensive lands.

"Amphibious aircraft may require amphibiport to lose passengers with an area of land just for the aircraft itself. The ratio, the proportion with the creation of a regular airport is approx. 1: 8, "he added.

Amphibious aircraft designed by use of composite materials or a special fiberglass (stainless and sea water). Aircraft destined for fourteen passengers and equipped with two engines and can pass through the high waves (stage 3 operation) over a range of take-off and landing are relatively short, namely the take-off 770 metres, while the landing requires 385 meters. (A-190) *


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