Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Russia set up a partnership with PT Pindad, and in PAL

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Amphibious Tank production of Russia used by Marine TNI (photo: Kaskus military)
Russia Did the same Work with Pad RI-Russia will conduct cooperation in the field of Defense by doing a join key the system armament production tool (Alutsista). This cooperation plan has been drawn up in a draft planning to follow up the negotiations with Indonesia's defense industry. This cooperation will be made one with PT Pindad . "We are negotiating with PT Pindad and will soon sign a memorandum of understanding. We will also cooperate with other defense industries in Indonesia, but now has just a draft. Negotiating a step, and we hope that soon there was a deal, "said Russia's Ambassador a. Alexander

Ivanov after penyematan Medal of honor given Russia's Government on Defense Minister RI in the Guesthouse of the Embassy of Russia in Jakarta, Monday (8/9).In addition, said Ivanov, Russia was negotiating with PT PAL, also with PT in to do a complete overhaul of the helicopter Mi-35.Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro pleads stunned RI over Russia's plan. Therefore he admired the decision and welcomed. "I am surprised they want to talk to the transfer of technology with Pad.

I am pretty amazed they want to produce together, "he said.Italian Minister expects, the cooperation of the two countries could be created not only in the field of procurement alutsista. Hopes of an exchange of officers in the field of education and training in the near future will be realized. "They will receive our military Academy officers. Second, we will be working in the field of joint exercises, " the Secretary said.The Secretary added, Russia asks for specifically in the areas of cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of Defense (wamenhan) TNI Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin said, cooperation join production C-705 missile development China-indonesia through PT Pindad will be realized this year. "This year realisasinya co-production," he said. Source: National Journal

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