Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Alutsista TNI Immediately Rejuvenated

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JAKARTA – Government agreed make purchases and rejuvenation of the main tools of weaponry system (alutsista) the TNI with a budget of Rp99 billion. Funds financing could come from within the country and abroad. 

The Commander of TNI Agus Suhartono said the TNI, all financing is approved by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) through the siding cabinet limited. "Outline already fix, just wait for the determination of the Minister of finance. Tomorrow or soon later we could explain, clear (meeting) is to fix, "said Agus in the Office of the Presidency, Jakarta, yesterday.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was accompanied Remkae deploying a limited field of the meeting discussed the procurement plan polhukam tool main armament system with TNI's spending on foreign loans in 2010-2014. The meeting was attended by all the Ministers concerned and takes place in closed.

Agus said, from the budget have been approved, the TNI would buy some of the new defense such as 120 mm calibre tank, Helicopter, aircraft Sukhoi AKS, F16 fighter jets and guns, the substitute Gods Ruci, Destroyers, and amphibious tanks.TNI also has set up a purchase some spare parts are all taken from the budget of the Fund.

"Every generation needs modernization. We will also be held for a minimum of battle tank because we haven't been able to make it. Therefore, we seek to agree with export credit so that it can hold a minimum of battle tanks, "he said. Minister of national development planning/head of Bappenas Armida Alisjahbana says, pagu budget modernization alutsista about Rp99 trillion.

Of the funds earmarked for it, Rp66 trillion will be used for the purchase of new alutsista and the rest to the care and maintenance. "Funds of approximately Rp99 billion has actually been established in the baseline appropriate National medium-term development plan (RPJMN) 2010-2014. However, the details of a new trial launched in limited Cabinet agreed on this," he said in Jakarta yesterday.

Armida also describes the limited meeting yesterday has agreed a shoplist or register alutsista for Government would purchase four years into the future. Bappenas would then be to write to the Minister of Finance (Minister) Agus Martowardojo to provide recommendations.Minister of finance later that will determine which source of funding will be used to buy alutsista, whether using the rupiah, the dollar is pure domestic companion, loans, or loans abroad.

"The essential lis alutsista more or less a fix in the next Cabinet session," he said. The Ministry of defence (Mod) Purnomo Yusgiantoro said the purchase will pay attention to some things alutsista.Of which the manufacturer alutsista does that in a country such as PT PAL, Pad, and Palindo or from the outside. Another consideration is the priority in the Army (the ARMY), Navy (AL), as well as the air force (RAF) and the latter consideration oversight.

To oversee the procurement of alutsista, the Government has established the High Level Committee (HLC) chaired the Vice Defense Minister TNI Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin. HLC is composed of several elements from the Ministry of defence, Ministry of finance, Bappenas, goods/services of procurement policy of the Government's Financial Supervisory Agency, and Construction (BPKP).

These have to go through the process of procurement specifications and technologies (spektek) for one year at masingmasing. About the source of funding, the Minister of finances Agus Martowardojo explains, the funding will be taken from a combination of the rupiah, the dollar is pure, foreign loans, and loans in the country.

Former CEO of Bank Mandiri's express, in addition to the TNI, launched the budget also modernize the means of a special material (almatsus) the police force. However, the police will also be given its own budget to renew the original. maesaroh

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