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Grant 24 + 6 F-16 is better than the 1st Squadron of New F-16

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F-16 TNI AU (photo: Andrea arbi)

KSAU: Grant F-16 is better of the air force Chief of staff (KSAU) Marshal of the ARMY of Imam Sufaat says, in addition to the need of greater funding, purchase of new aircraft also took a long time.

"If the new price is expensive, and fastest deliverynya five years due to buy aircraft unlike buy peanuts," he said after meeting Commission I follow the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES RI with the Ministry of Defense and ARMED FORCES in the Capitol, Wednesday (9/9).

According to him, the American arms company Lockheed Martin is offering one skadron new F-16 aircraft for US $ 1,400 million. While the F-16 aircraft packages with spare parts and training pilot, valued at US $ 1,600 million. "So one of US $ 100 million," said KSAU.

Whereas the grant offered United aircraft valued at US $ 430 million "for 30 aircraft, 24 plus six," he added.

The aircraft was donated aircraft F-16 block 25 which will then be upgraded to the block 32 by the Ministry of defence (Kemhan). It questioned the Commission I of the HOUSE because the latest block is the block 52. According to this grant, KSAU is unlikely to be upgraded to the block 52 because his engine is different. Furthermore, the quoted description of the US National Guard, block 32 is better than the block 52.

The aircraft the F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multiperan jet fighter developed General Dynamics, which later was acquired by Lockheed Martin. Although originally designed as a lightweight fighter, it has evolved into a formidable multiperan aircraft and very popular.

Indonesia once had 12 units F-16 block 15OCU consisting of eight F-16A and 4 F-16bs.

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