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Are you a writer, a gun lover, a gun reviewer, a social media expert, a multimedia master, an internet wiz? Do you want to work for  We are always on the look out for inspired talent to join us on our mission in covering all aspects of the gun world.  Below is a listing of job opportunities we currently have available. is supported by an army of paid freelancers.  Current positions available are not full time - you are to work remotely.  Candidates should be setup and familiar with an online freelance lifestyle.  All candidates must have strong research ability, authoritative voices, original ideas, and be prepared to work on a consistent weekly schedule with the editors.

If you don't know about, we are an online firearms publication read by hundreds of thousands of people a month and our readership stretches around the globe. We have working relationships with major manufacturers such as Springfield, Beretta, Ruger, S&W, Kahr, and more. And our creditability has been affirmed by major publications such as NRA News, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, as well as countless gun blogs, forums and social media outlets.

Positions currently available: is currently looking for freelance writers who can write interesting and insightful copy about guns, gun-related products, the firearm industry, and gun commerce.

Candidates must have an expansive knowledge on all things guns. You must prove to have an advanced and intimate understanding of product trends (past, present, and future), industry projections, and a proven track record that you live and breathe guns.

We're not looking for someone who just rattles off empty industry terms, specs or propaganda, we're looking for someone who can provide an actual analysis. The candidate needs strong research skills, journalistic insight and, most importantly, an authoritative writerly voice.

This gun writer will have to be able to write articles and reviews such as:
-Best five (rifles, handguns, shotguns) under $500 and why
-Why .38 Special is the ultimate self-defense round
-Gas operated vs Gas piston operated ARs
-New rifles that are worth a damn
(You get the idea)

This is a remote freelance position. has a pay-per-article structure and offers competitive rates. In return, writers are expected work with editors in brainstorming ideas, research topics thoroughly, and submit one to two articles a week.  If you don't have the ability to submit content weekly, please don't apply.

To apply for the position, send a cover letter explaining what you think a good gun review includes along with three review article ideas. Also, send a resume and writing samples to with "Gun Writer" in the subject line. Applications without a cover letter and samples WILL NOT be considered. is currently looking a freelance in-site and social media content moderator. is growing fast and we have a large audience with lots of comments and questions.  It is often difficult for the writers to keep up with all the activity.  It is the role of this candidate to fill these communication gaps. 

The moderator will be responsible for monitoring the in-site comments, Facebook comments, Twitter replies, YouTube responses, etc.  The Facebook page has 80,000 fans and our Twitter account has over 7,000 followers, there is a constant stream of conversation throughout the day the moderator needs to keep up with. 

Although staying up to date and interacting with the readers is the base of this position, the overall goal and expectation of the moderator is to increase overall user interaction and site engagement.

The candidate must possess a broad range of gun knowledge - doesn't report on just one aspect of the gun world, you must be familiar with multiple shooting lifestyles and disciplines in order to engage intelligently with users comments and questions.  The candidate must also have a strong background in online and social media communications. 

This is a remote freelance position. The position is structured to be part-time - roughly a couple of hours a day worth of work in aggregate.  Candidates should be setup and familiar with an online freelance lifestyle. pays competitive online freelancer rates.

To apply for the position, send a cover letter explaining what you think a good strategy and plan of action would be in increasing overall user engagement on and it various social media outlets.  Send the cover letter with your resume attached to with "Site Moderator" in the subject line.  Candidates applying without a cover letter, resume and social media background WILL NOT be considered.           

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