Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Water bottle bike lock supplies security, not water

The Kuat Racks Bottle Lock is a bike lock that has the form of a water bottle

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Bike locks ... they're very necessary items, but are sometimes a hassle to carry when you're riding. U-locks can be clipped into a frame-mounted bracket, but not everyone wants a big plastic bracket permanently installed on their prized two-wheeler. They can also be stuffed in a backpack, although that can be a challenge if space in said backpack is already at a premium. Alternatives include a lock that you wear like a belt, and a lock that straps onto the bicycle's top tube. Now, there's another option - a lock that has the form of a water bottle, so it can sit in your bottle cage.

Called the K√ľat Racks Bottle Lock, the device at first glance looks like an ordinary water bottle. Inside of it, however, is five feet (1.5 meters) of plastic-coated 7.5 mm braided steel cable. This is reportedly enough to lock the frame and both wheels.

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